Smart Contract Development

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts development with ONUS Chain enables you to build your smart contracts for any use, including cryptocurrency exchanges, smart contract-based dApps, Decentralized Finance, and more. Smart contracts are programming logic that is executed automatically when a certain condition(s) are met. In BNB Sidechain, smart contracts can be written in Solidity programming language. Please refer to the official documentation of Solidity for any queries.

IDE and Libraries

Multiple IDEs and libraries can be used for developing and deploying smart contracts.

  • Remix IDE: A powerful open-source tool that helps you write Solidity contracts straight from the browser. It is written in JavaScript and supports both usages in the browser, but runs locally and in a desktop version. Remix IDE has modules for testing, debugging, deploying smart contracts, and much more.

  • Intellij Solidity Plugin: Every aspect of IntelliJ IDEA has been designed to maximize developer productivity. Together, intelligent coding assistance and ergonomic design make development not only productive but also enjoyable.

  • BSC Studio: A graphic IDE built by Blockchain Lab to expedite DApp development

  • Chainide: A Cloud-Based Multi-Chain IDE

Development Framework

  • Truffle: A world-class development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

  • Embark: A platform that enables easy development and deployment of decentralized applications

  • Waffle: The most advanced framework for testing smart contracts

  • OpenZeppelin: OpenZeppelin provides security products to build, automate, and operate decentralized applications. They also protect leading organizations by performing security audits on their systems and products.

  • HardHat: A development environment for Ethereum software

Solidity Code Quality

  • Solhint: An open-source project for linting Solidity code. This project provides both Security and Style Guide validations.

  • Ethlint: Analyzing your Solidity code for style & security issues and fixing them

  • Manticore: A symbolic execution tool for analysis of smart contracts and binaries

  • Slither: A Solidity static analysis framework

  • Echidna: A program designed for fuzzing/property-based testing of Ethereum smart contracts

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