System requirements:

Recommending using Cloud compute service with the following requirements.

Hardware requirements:

CPU: Intel or AMD with 4+ Cores, recommended 8+ Cores

RAM: 16GB, Recommended 32GB

Hard Drive: require 2TB of SSD, recommended 2.5 TB of SSD

(suggestion using m5zn.2xlarge)

Notes: For the first year, the Validator node will run as a full node (written full data to blockchain) and take up to 320GB of storage. It will ensure maintaining all the data between all validators. Starting from year two and forward, it will run as a light node that removes all the stealth data/blocks and maintains the recent 100 blocks. The estimated storage will be 36GB.

OS Requirements:

Operating system: CentOS or Ubuntu (manual compiling and build) or with Docker Compose installed

Linux OS:

Internet Requirement:

Bandwidth: 1GBps


Port open: TCP/UDP 3000 (internet exposure), TCP 8545 (for JSON RPC).

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